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Serbian media under political pressure

One of Serbia’s most important and most popular local weeklies, Vranje’s Novine Vranjske, was shut down after management failed to settle its taxes. On orders labelled urgent, for weeks, tax inspectors have been investigating the publication, while Editor-in-Chief Vukašin Obradović claims their work is politically ...

It is not easy being LGBT in Serbia

Belgrade’s annual Pride Week began on Monday (11 September) and will end with a march on Sunday (17 September). Pride parades were held over the past few years with strong security measures and, in the meantime, Serbia elected a gay prime minister. Despite this, the position of the LGBT community in the country remains ...

Survey: Serbia’s heart is in the East, pocket in the West

Serbians are realistic where their own lives are concerned. But their opinion of the country’s international position is irrational. This is confirmed by the results of a new survey, according to which 4 in 10 participants believe Russia to be Serbia’s best friend, but more than half (52%) would like to live in a Western country, not ...

Serbian labour debate focuses on minimum wage

The Serbian government’s Social and Economic Council, unions and the Serbian Association of Employers, have launched negotiations over the minimum wage for 2018. Labour leaders face an uphill ...

 Drought takes its toll on Serbia’s economic growth

Serbia plans to compensate for lower than planned GDP growth in 2017. Although, according to officials, economic indicators are good, the drought has taken its toll and forced the government to change its ...

Fiat Serbia strike ends, negotiations kick off

The return of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Serbia employees to work after a strike that lasted some 20 days has jump-started negotiations between workers and management. The Serbian government, in Belgrade, is hosting the talks between the strike committee and Fiat. Prime Minister Ana Brnabić and the ministers of economy and labour, Goran Knežević and Zoran Đorđević, joined on 19 July, after a meeting of Fiat workers and the ...

True stability needs media freedom

I do not know whether it will be possible, one day, for all countries of the region to formally become part of the European Union exclusively owing to the pragmatic readiness to preserve regional stability, but it is quite certain that this will not truly happen without a sincere, not only verbal, embracing of European standards, and unless the field of media freedoms in them is ...

Serbia to limit sale of agricultural land to foreigners

The Serbian Ministry of Agriculture is planning to unveil draft amendments and supplements to the Law on Agricultural Land with the aim of limiting the sale of such land to foreigners before 1 September, when the market is to be liberalised. And while a competent minister is announcing a public debate on the amendments to the controversial law, agricultural economists are calling for the postponement and limiting of the sale of arable ...

Brnabić: If forced to choose, Serbia would pick EU over Russia

The Serbian government, opposition and Kremlin have all reacted to a statement by Prime Minister Ana Brnabić that Serbia, if forced to choose between closer ties with Russia and membership of the Union, would choose the EU. Analysts say that Brnabić is only stating what President Aleksandar Vučić ...

Report: Local government debt a threat to Serbia’s public finances

If the Serbian government does not take the necessary steps, the debts of local governments, which currently reach 4% of GDP, will sink public finances, the Fiscal Council has warned. EURACTIV.rs reports. Among the bigger cities, Novi Sad has the most stable finances, whereas Kragujevac is on the brink of ...

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