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 Migrants in Serbia still face difficulties, EU official says

Migrants staying in Serbia are in a difficult situation and their integration into society should be enabled through education for minors and job opportunities for adults, a representative of the EU delegation to Serbia told ...

Pristina-Belgrade Negotiations and Internal Dialogue on Kosovo - Political Leaders’ Stop-and-Go Tactical Moves

In the absence of a clear and achievable vision, in the absence of political will to approach the issue of Kosovo by acknowledging the reality (in Kosovo, among the Kosovo Serbs, in Serbia, and in the international community), the policy of Pristina and Belgrade has turned into incessant tactical moves and mutual one-upmanship of the political leaders. The stop-and-go policy has maintained the alleged status quo, while the reality has ...

Kosovo Back in the Spotlight

As major decisions for the Serbian-Kosovo relationship are about to be made, Kosovo is becoming a dominant theme once again. This might also snap the Serbs out of the traditional apathy surrounding the Kosovo issue, even if only ...

Serbia and Kosovo Only Beginning to Form Infrastructural Links: Peace Highway to Connect the Region

The only infrastructure project Belgrade and Pristina are to work on together is the construction of the Nis-Merdare-Pristina “highway of peace.” The project is to be carried out through the Connectivity Agenda of the Western Balkans Six, which will enable a better transportation link within the region, especially between central Serbia and Kosovo. The construction of this highway, according to the Serbian Ministry of Construction, ...

Serbian president sees ‘tough talks’ ahead on Kosovo

Serbia appears to be moving closer towards resolving relations with its former province of Kosovo – a key issue holding back its EU membership bid. President Aleksandar Vučić, who is trying to get cross-party support for a lasting solution, expects “very difficult talks” on Kosovo this ...

Division of Kosovo – A persistent concept

The division of Kosovo as a solution to the most enduring political and security crisis in the Balkans has been in circulation for decades. Its launching is ascribed to the late author and a former president of the one-time Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Dobrica Cosic. Cosic had been advocating the concept while the former socialist Yugoslavia still existed, and he remained true to it even in the years following Kosovo’s declaration of ...

Is a Historic Reconciliation between the Serbs and Albanians possible - European prospects remain the most important link

The increase of political tension and nervousness that accompanied the attempts for Belgrade and Pristina to progress in talks about the normalization of relations in the past few weeks leads to a conclusion that the expectations of participants in that process had been betrayed, to say the least. The leading officials in Belgrade, including President Aleksandar Vucic, made it clear on several occasions that they were disappointed with ...

No cooperation in environmental protection between Serbia and Kosovo -  Pollution knows no borders

A study about energy sectors in Serbia and Kosovo, published last year, in a separate segment about the state of the environment, reads that the situation was very bad, as a result of the uncontrolled building of housing and industrial facilities, the use of obsolete technology, especially in the exploitation of natural resources, the pollution of waterways because of the absence of treatment systems and accumulation of solid and ...

Normalization of Serbia-Kosovo Economic Relations - Politics Still Maintaining Barriers

If it were up to businesspeople, relations between Serbia and Kosovo would have long been normalized and the topic now would possibly be a fine-tuning of regulations, so as to prevent any barriers to business. But politics and the political goals of the authorities in Belgrade and Pristina continue to dictate the tempo of normalizing the relationship, which is why trucks spend more than 15 hours waiting at administrative crossings, ...

Dialog: The Serbian right's idea without wider support

The idea that the Kosovo problem should remain a "frozen conflict" for as long as the international circumstances do not take a turn favorable for Serbia was promoted as part of the internal dialogue on Kosovo by a large group of conservative and right-inclined intellectuals, including a certain number of the highest Serbian Orthodox Church dignitaries, at the beginning of the year. The idea was presented in a document titled the Appeal for the ...

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