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Serbia starts to embrace clean energy

2018 will be a crucial year for Serbia’s energy sector as 250 megawatts from renewable sources are to be connected to the grid. The same amount again will come online in 2019. EURACTIV Serbia ...

Kosovo in the Clutches of Daily Politics - Populism as a Political Weapon

Repeatedly unsuccessful in identifying a mutually acceptable solution for Kosovo over the past twenty years or so, Serbia’s political elites would bury the failures in a cluster of daily political idioms, “the will of the people” being the favorite one. Having absorbed the messages from the political leaders, the people would always want Kosovo to be an integral part of Serbia, under firm Serbian authority. The more pragmatic ...

European Integration and Kosovo - Voter confusion

When asked to connect the issue of Kosovo with Serbia’s admission into the European Union, Serbian citizens have been demonstrating much confusion for years now, which experts view as a consequence of the insufficiently clear state policy and a lack of a real debate about the two important political issues. “The most shocking thing is that there is no shocking news… More than anything else, there is a stable instability in the ...

Cadez: Economic Cooperation Between Serbia and Kosovo on the Rise

An economic fair in Pristina that saw the participation of some 150 Serbian businesspeople showed that the economy’s interest was making connections, seeking new markets and joint projects, said Serbian Chamber of Commerce President Marko Cadez. In an interview with the Beta News Agency he said that Serbian businesspeople’s great interest in the Pristina fair was one of the results of good cooperation between the Serbian and Kosovo ...

Belgrade-Pristina Dispute over Production and Distribution of Electricity

Energy remains one of the disputed issues between Serbia and Kosovo being negotiated in Brussels and recently became interesting, too, when digital clocks in Europe started showing inaccurate time. It was found that the reason behind the problem was the fact that Kosovo was drawing electricity from Serbia in an uncontrolled manner, which would not be happening if there were cooperation between the energy systems controlled by Belgrade ...

 Kosovo, rule of law remain key for Serbia’s EU bid

The European Commission’s latest enlargement report has acknowledged Serbia’s progress in the fight against corruption and organised crime and its growing role in regional cooperation, but also highlighted a lack of improvement in the freedom of speech and media. The findings of the report, published on April 17, confirmed that in order to progress towards EU membership and possibly joining the bloc in 2025, Belgrade needs to ...

Kosovo Talks, Constitutional Change - The controversy of the Preamble

Judging by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic’s earlier announcements, the next few months might see an end to Serbia’s internal dialogue on Kosovo and the beginning of preparations for constitutional change. Even though only a set of constitutional amendments to shape the national judiciary has been discussed so far, the question is whether changes to the Kosovo-related paragraphs might be on the table, ...

Croatian Parliament speaker cuts short visit to Serbia after flag incident

A Croatian parliamentary delegation cut short its official visit to Serbia on 18 April after an incident caused by Serbian Radical Party leader, MP and convicted war criminal Vojislav Šešelj. The incident highlighted the fragility of relations between erstwhile Balkan foes, more than 20 years after ethnic wars ...

Belgrade-Pristina Negotiations After Meeting Between Merkel and Vucic - New step toward agreement

The Serbian authorities, led by President Aleksandar Vucic, seem to have definitely decided to accept "painful compromises" regarding Kosovo, which probably entails the signing of a so-called legally binding agreement with Pristina at some stage of the process. Where Kosovo is concerned, "there is no good solution" for Serbia, said Vucic after last week’s meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. It was the last in a series of important ...

 Migrants in Serbia still face difficulties, EU official says

Migrants staying in Serbia are in a difficult situation and their integration into society should be enabled through education for minors and job opportunities for adults, a representative of the EU delegation to Serbia told ...

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