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 France to help Serbia’s accession to EU, reforms needed beforehand

Paris wants to help Serbia solve its most delicate issues en route to the EU, French President Emmanuel Macron has told his Serbian counterpart. But Macron also said that both Serbia and the EU have to be reformed before any further EU ...

 Is two too little or just right for Serbia?

Earlier this week, Serbia opened two more chapters in its EU accession talks. It also received another clear message that progress on the rule of law and the normalisation of relations with Kosovo were crucial for the pace of its advance towards ...

Serbia launches probe into 1999 NATO bombing

Almost two decades after the NATO bombing of Serbia, local authorities there have launched an investigation to determine whether depleted uranium bombs were used, which could explain in surge in autoimmune diseases. The aim is to confirm or refute suspicions that the use of depleted uranium bombs poses a health hazard, more specifically, to see whether it may be the reason behind an increase in the number of cases of malignant and ...

Final Stage of Internal Dialogue - No Major Progress

The so-called internal dialogue on the Kosovo problem initiated by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has ended informally and without much echo in the media. The Forum for Ethnic Relations which, with the support of the Open Society Foundation, carried out a project called Monitoring and Reporting on the Internal Dialogue on Kosovo, in its last, fifth report said that “there are arguments for the conclusion that the internal dialogue has ...

Fifteen (Un)Fruitful Years from Thessaloniki to Sofia

The EU's partners in the Western Balkans, as the region's six are defined in a draft declaration to be adopted by the European leaders in Sofia, will be given a new incentive on the road to the EU, again in the form of membership prospects, but not what the six would like the most - a date of accession. Time will tell whether that kind of message is enough to push forward the reforms and transformation of the economies and societies of ...

Serbia and Kosovo: The Economic and Other Consequences of a Potential Exchange of Territories

A sustainable solution between Belgrade and Pristina in the event of an agreement on exchanging territories would be to include only homogeneous territories in the process, i.e. municipalities predominantly populated by Serbs or Albanians. A requisite is that they be only border municipalities, but not the ones within Kosovo that are not physically linked to the border area. The inclusion of those enclaves would mean "the creation of ...

Serbian citizens not ready for personal sacrifice over Kosovo

Many Serbians see Kosovo’s independence as a realistic option, according to a new survey. A majority are also not ready to make any personal sacrifices to regain control over the Serbian province, whose independence Belgrade refuses to recognise, and are much more preoccupied with economic issues ...

Privatization and Restitution

Belgrade and Pristina have not yet agreed on how, within the normalization process, they will resolve the issues pertaining to the privatization of socially-owned companies and property restitution. While Pristina believes that is exclusively its own internal issue, the authorities in Belgrade are working toward putting that topic on the negotiating table in Brussels, claiming that Serbia suffered severe damage in the privatization ...

Kosovo's Serbian-language media survive on donations

Understaffed, exposed to conflicts and located in geographically isolated areas, the Serbian-language radio and televisions stations set up in Kosovo over the past two decades, have been doing little more than airing congratulations and greetings, creating a ghetto atmosphere, spreading primitivism, and supporting radical ideas and various political options, unconditionally and uncritically. The international community would grant ...

Normalization of Relations and Demographic Trends - Inevitable Population Shrinkage and Aging

Serbia’s demographic data are ominous and even if the status of Kosovo is resolved and the door consequently opened to swifter economic and social prosperity, migration and population shrinkage and aging cannot be avoided, it says in a study entitled The Economic, Demographic and Social Effects of Different Scenarios of Normalized Relations Between Belgrade and Pristina, conducted with the support of the Open Society Foundation. The ...

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