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Brexit: Can the UK Dive Across the Finish Line?

One and a half year has passed since the government of the United Kingdom (UK), led by Prime Minister (PM) Theresa May, activated Article 50 of the Treaty on EU (TEU). By doing so, as of March 2017, the UK started the countdown timer and initiated a two-year period to settle its divorce from the Union. Fast-forward to mid-November 2018, after long and uneasy negotiationsthe UK and EU negotiators managed to finally reach an agreement on the ...

Serbia scores victory as Interpol rejects Kosovo membership

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić said today that the rejection of Kosovo's Interpol membership application was a success of 'a small, defiant and proud country', but that one should not be euphoric over it and put Pristina down. Vučić urged the Kosovo Albanians 'not to perceive the outcome of voting at the Interpol General Assembly as a debacle or a great defeat', but rather as a sobering ...

Kurz: Belgrade-Pristina talks must continue and find solution

Austria, the current holder of the EU’s rotating presidency, will support any agreement reached by Kosovo and Serbia in the process of normalising relations, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz told Belgrade and Pristina during a mini-tour of the ...

Filibustering – a regular occurrence in Serbia’s parliament

The work of Serbia’s parliament reflects the general trend of the ‘capture’ of state institutions by the ruling party, while filibustering and avoidance of public debates have become common practice in the current parliament, notes the latest civil society report on the Balkan country’s progress on the rule of ...

One-fifth of Serbs want to leave Serbia

Around one-fifth of Serbian citizens want to emigrate in search of a better life and better-paying jobs, according to a new survey. Most of them are young people and almost all of them want to go to the West. EURACTIV Serbia reports. Those who have already left do not wish to return, at least not before they retire, again primarily because of the higher living standards abroad, according to the survey titled Why Are People Leaving ...

Belgrade Gay Pride participants call for law on same-sex marriage

Belgrade held its eighth Pride Parade, under the slogan Say Yes, on Sunday (16 September). It passed without incident and, according to media estimates, with fewer police officers guarding the event than in previous years. At first glance, Sunday’s festivities show that there has been some progress in forwarding the rights of Serbia’s LGBTI ...

Kosovo-Serbia talks to resume, overshadowed by land swap rumours

An EU-mediated dialogue aimed at resolving the Kosovo-Serbia issue will resume in Brussels on Friday (7 September) but the latest speculation that the conflict might eventually be resolved by swapping territory has turned everything upside ...

 West Nile fever grips Southern and Central Europe

The number of West Nile virus infection cases in Europe has gone up in 2018, with increased temperatures to blame. The biggest number of cases has been registered in Serbia, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has ...

Sudden spike in number of measles cases in Europe, highest death toll in Serbia

The first six months of 2018 have seen a sudden increase in the number of measles cases in Europe with at least 37 deaths, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned. Most cases were registered in Ukraine, while Serbia, which has a number of anti-vaccination groups active on social media, has the highest rate of infection and also the biggest number of deaths caused by complications of the ...

Serbia eyes Kosovo border review, opposed by Merkel

Serbia’s political life is heating up in August as discussions about its relations with Kosovo have reached frantic speed, varying from a possible partition of its former province to exchange of territory and border ...

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