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Economic Recovery is the Priority of New Serbian Government

The focus of the program of the new Serbian government, which started its four-year mandate on April 27, is on economic recovery, which envisages the passing of several key laws which were announced earlier, during the mandate of the previous government, in which the Serbian Progressive Party also had majority. Another priority of the new government is the consolidation of the budget and the strengthening of the private sector, while concrete ...

More efforts needed for full safety of food in Serbia

In 2013, the EU member countries issued 19 announcements and warnings, through the RASFF (Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed), regarding goods originating from Serbia, and two reports since the start of this year. Although an occasional irregularity in trading with food is expected, the EU Delegation in Serbia has stated that Serbia needs better control in this sector and that more work lies ahead on the building of a system that would ...

Problems in Landline Telephone Number Portability

The transfer of a landline telephone number with the change of operator, which became available in Serbia as of April 1st, is one of the key elements of market liberalization. However, the Consumers’ Association of Serbia points out that despite the delays that were to enable the process to kick off trouble-free, many subscribers cannot use this option. According to the Association’s data, out of nine operators only five provide the ...

Serbia Lacks Experts for Use of Funds

Serbia has been accredited for the decentralized system of managing European IPA funds, which in reality means that Serbian institutions will be in charge of tenders and other procedures for spending money. Apart from acknowledgment for the system established and new possibilities for financing various fields, this will also give the state institutions a headache, because there are not enough experts for managing funds and project management. ...

Growing Support for EU Membership

The citizens of Serbia are insufficiently informed about Serbia’s negotiations about membership in the EU and the majority of them do not have a positive opinion of the Union. Still, they believe that membership in the EU would bring benefits for themselves and for the society as a whole, so they would support Serbia’s admission into the EU if the referendum were to be held right now. These are the results of the survey, performed by the ...

Construction of Dams Poses Increasing Threat to Balkan Rivers

The construction of dams is increasingly endangering rivers in the western part of the Balkans, which are extremely well-preserved in terms of structure and biodiversity and must be protected, said participants of a March 20 presentation of research done by a group of NGOs on the condition of Balkan rivers. According to the research, the majority of rivers in the region, based on EU classification, are in the class of preserved or slightly ...

Police Arrest One of Leading Drug Lords in the Balkans

Darko Šarić, head of a network that smuggled drugs from Latin America to the Balkans and EU countries, was arrested on March 18 in a joint operation of the Serbian and Montenegrin police forces. This ended the search, which took several years, for one of the most influential figures of the Balkan criminal underground, who had also been sought after by the authorities of other European countries. Šarić pleaded not guilty on March 24 before ...

Elections in Serbia: Promises without Plans

The upcoming elections in Serbia are the least uncertain ones in recent political history – it is already known that the Serbian Progressive Party will win a vast majority of votes, according to opinion polls significantly above 40%. The only unknown in that sense is with whom the Progressives’ leader Aleksandar Vucic will form the new government, given that he has announced he would like a broader coalition. Participants in the campaign ...

More flexible labor regulations on road to EU

At the very end of 2013, the Serbian public was unprepared for the amendments envisaged in the draft labor act. More flexible working hours, easier firing and the regulation of leasing of labor are just a few of the regulations which the public criticized as a sign of returning to slavery. However, a new working group started making the new draft immediately after the withdrawal of the initial draft law. According to information issued to the ...

Five Asylums Granted in Serbia in Six Years

In 2013, asylum in Serbia was granted in two cases, while 5,066 migrants and asylum-seekers stayed in the country. In six years, of 11,795 of them, five were granted asylum, Ombudsman Saša Janković stated at a conference about the asylum system and migrations in Serbia. He said that the 20 recommendations in the fields of migrations and asylum, which his office had prepared, should be implemented immediately, while the official of the ...

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