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Ministers To Review Lowering Regionwide Roaming Prices

Montenegro will in late September host a meeting of communications ministers of several South East European countries, who will consider the possibility of reducing roaming prices in the region, following the EU’s example. Representatives of Serbia’s competent regulatory body Ratel told EurActiv Srbija that the general plan was to cut prices in order to bring them down to a level similar to that of the EU within three ...

Serbia Will Not Encourage Food Exports to Russia

On Aug. 22 Serbia made it clear that it will abide by the the EU recommendation not to introduce special measures to boost the export of its food products to the Russian market, but that it will not obstruct it either. The introduction of Russia's embargo on food products coming from the EU and western countries on Aug. 7, was perceived in the Serbian public as an opportunity to increase the export of local staples to that country. Although ...

Serbia Halfway Through Screening, Hopes for Opening of First Chapter

Serbia is around the middle of the screening process, i.e. the analytical review of harmonization with EU laws, and hopes to open the first chapter by the end of the year, specifically Chapter 32 that pertains to financial control. The visit of outgoing European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso on June 29 was an opportunity for considering Serbia’s harmonization with EU standards and policies, and, as collocutors put it, in that ...

Russia supports Serbia's European road, counts on South Stream

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stated in Belgrade on June 17 that Russia respects and supports the European integration of Serbia, while his collocutors from the Serbian state helm said that Serbia wants to be a member of the European Union, but that it will not sever its ties with Russia. After the talks with Serbian officials, Lavrov stated that Russia is counting with the South Stream gas pipeline being constructed as planned, ...

Green Light from Brussels for Chapter on Financial Control

Serbia has been given a green light for the opening of the first chapter in the pre-accession negotiations with the EU, Chapter 32 about financial control. EurActiv Serbia was told by the EU Delegation in Serbia that this conclusion was reached by the member countries on the basis of the screening. The European Commission published a report about the screening last week, which reads that the state administration will have to change its approach ...

Difficult position of the media in Serbia

Although the authorities in Serbia verbally advocate the freedom of the media and free expression, a number of incidents and problems in the media sphere have been registered since the forming of the government at the end of April, and particularly during the recent catastrophic floods, when a debate was opened about whether censorship exists in the ...

As waters recede danger remains

The situation in Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia is slowly stabilizing after last week’s devastating floods, though some areas are not completely out of the woods yet, and warm weather has brought with it the risk of infectious disease. Landslides are a major issue in many municipalities in Bosnia and Serbia, as are ruined roads and the damaged energy and water ...

Balkans Struggling with Floods

Since May 14, Serbia has been fighting catastrophic floods that have endangered a large number of inhabitants, damaged houses, road and energy infrastructure, and destroyed livestock and crops, primarily in the west of the country. Flooding has also caused enormous damage in neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina, which has seen casualties as well, and in Croatia.The governments of the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina and Republika Srpska ...

Serbia: Balancing Between Russia and the West

Serbia is aiming to maintain a neutral stance on the Ukrainian crisis, refusing to support the secession of a part of Ukraine and to take part in the sanctions against Russia. For the time being, even through Serbia is an EU candidate country, that position is being met with a certain amount of understanding by Brussels, and, on the other hand, by Moscow’s approval. Soon after the inauguration of the new cabinet in late April, EU senior ...

Economic Recovery is the Priority of New Serbian Government

The focus of the program of the new Serbian government, which started its four-year mandate on April 27, is on economic recovery, which envisages the passing of several key laws which were announced earlier, during the mandate of the previous government, in which the Serbian Progressive Party also had majority. Another priority of the new government is the consolidation of the budget and the strengthening of the private sector, while concrete ...

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