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Serbian Defence Minister Dismissed for Insult of Journalist

Serbian Defence Minister will be dismissed after insulting a journalist of B92 station. This announcement by Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić comes after a general outcry of journalists, media outlets, professional associations and general public. EU, as well as OSCE media representative, often criticize Serbia for shortcomings in the freedom of ...

U.S. Focuses on Balkans

Visits by two U.S. top officials to the Western Balkans, Vice President Joseph Biden and Secretary of State John Kerry, just seven days apart, have been welcomed in the region as confirmation that the U.S. has not lost interest in the region, after the major role it played in the 1990s. These visits are attracting a lot of attention in the region, given the deepening of tensions in relations between the West and Russia, the recent terrorist ...

Serbia Will Increase Migrant Flow Control

After the attacks in Paris, the Serbian authorities expressed their support to France and offered assistance, whereas domestically they announced they would increase migrant flow control. Serbian officials pointed out that the government would not allow an “anti-Muslim campaign.” Seven Serbian citizens were severely injured in the terrorist attacks in ...

Serbia Continues Down Road to EU, Will Not Recognize Kosovo

Serbia plans to implement all the agreements it has made with Kosovo in the process of normalizing relations and continue down the road to EU membership, but does not intend to recognize Kosovo’s independence – that is the position presented by Serbian officials after a several-day debate in the Serbian public on the demands the EU is making of Serbia regarding Kosovo. Although there was a lot of speculation in a heated atmosphere as to ...

Urgent Need for Aid for Refugees in Serbia

Serbia was praised by the EU for coping with the refugee crisis, and that despite lack of capacities and resources. This contributed to the speculations in local media and public that Serbia will host large accommodation centre for refugees. According to the latest information, however, this will not be the case, and the most probable solution is the establishment of temporary shelters. This may prove to be an urgent ...

Belgrade and Pristina Interpret New Agreement Differently

Serbia and Kosovo have reached agreement in four areas, and EU High Representative Federica Mogherini described the agreement as “historic.” As in the case of previous agreements, not all details have been unveiled, or even defined in some fields, which allows the authorities in both Belgrade and Pristina to claim to have successfully defended their interests. Kosovo, according to a statement, will get a country calling code, on which the ...

Tensions in Balkans Easily Renewed

The marking of the 20th anniversary of the war crime in Srebrenica has stirred old ghosts in the Balkans and shown that reconciliation is still a delicate process susceptible to politicization. The commemoration at the Potocari Memorial Center on July 11 was preceded by weeks of tensions in relations between Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, which culminated in an attack on Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić at the very ceremony devoted ...

Merkel’s Positive Messages to Serbia

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said in Belgrade late on July 8, that Serbia had demonstrated the desire to reach a compromise in the dialog with Pristina and that Germany would keep this in mind when considering the opening of chapters in Serbia’s EU membership talks. The message was received in Belgrade as an important signal for Serbia’s progress in the EU membership negotiations, i.e. for the opening of the first chapter, given that ...

Belgrade Satisfied with Dismissal of Resolution on Srebrenica

The Belgrade authorities are satisfied with the outcome of the two-day U.N. Security Council Session and the dismissal of a resolution on genocide in Srebrenica, proposed by Great Britain. Belgrade is no less satisfied with the manner in which the British resolution was rejected, as it was done by Russia’s ...

Serbia assumes obligation to reduce CO2 emissions

Serbia has accepted the precise targets for the lowering of greenhouse gas emissions for the first time, within preparations for the world conference on climate change in Paris. Serbia is the first among the member candidate countries to do so, which Commissioner Sefčovič praised during his visit to Belgrade on June 11. However, environmentalists point out that Serbia by far exceeded the envisaged target in 2013 already, and that setting ...

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