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Bleak Media Picture in Serbia after Privatization

The privatization of media in Serbia has left the sector looking bleak – many media have been shut down, more than 1,000 journalists and other media professionals have lost their jobs and the survival of many of the privatized media is uncertain. Among the media buyers were their own directors, as well as owners of companies from various fields, including the owner of a car dealership and an office cleaning and maintenance company. During the ...

Flaws in Curbing Violence Against Women

Omissions in the work of state institutions in cases of violence against women, primarily a lack of exchange of information, increase the number of fatal outcomes, according to the findings of Ombudsman Saša Janković. Improving the framework for suppressing violence against women is one of the criteria in Serbia's EU membership ...

Experts: Brexit Will Slow EU Enlargement Down

Experts and those well-versed in the matter warn that Great Britain’s decision to leave the EU will have a negative impact on the accession of Serbia and other Western Balkan countries: they agree it will slow the accession down, but not stop it completely. Meanwhile, western analysts stress that the situation regarding Brexit, as the EU’s interest in the region wanes, will open the way for Russia to increase its influence in the Balkans. ...

No Conviction for Cigarette Smuggling in Serbia in 1990s

The multi-year trial for cigarette smuggling carried out in Serbia during the 1990s finally got its epilogue in June this year: the primary defendant, businessman Stanko aka Cane Subotić, is definitely a free man, even though the court noted that the verdict had been reached with a violation of the law, for which, however, according to the Belgrade press no one will be held accountable. By a decision of the Appellate Court in December 2015, ...

Outrage over Post-Election Dismissals in Public Broadcaster

A protest rally was held in Novi Sad on May 23 over dismissals in public Radio Television of Vojvodina, which occurred less than two weeks after the ruling Serbian Progressive Party, led by Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić, came to power in the province. Journalists’ associations believe these dismissals to be political, while Prime Minister Vučić claims that the dismissals were regular and that no politics was involved. The EU ...

Organized Violation of Rights

The Serbian police have failed to react to the brutal violation of rights of  citizens by masked men, according to evidence gathered by the Serbian Ombudsman. The incident in question occurred in the night following Serbia’s Election Day, April 24, when masked men bulldozed a number of small buildings in a Belgrade district planned for the contested, UAE-financed Belgrade Waterfront project. A protest against the plan was organized in ...

New Stumbling Block in Zagreb-Belgrade Relations

Croatia’s refusal to agree to the opening of the key Chapter 23 in Serbia’s EU accession negotiations has heightened tensions in relations between the two countries, which have over the past six months become significantly cooler, despite the official determination for cooperation and the development of good neighborly relations. The opening of Chapter 23 on judiciary and fundamental rights in the accession talks with Serbia is currently ...

Šešelj Acquitted: Outcry in The Balkans, Mild Reaction in Belgrade

The acquittal of Serbian Radical Party Leader Vojislav Šešelj by the Hague Tribunal sparked outcry in the region, while the reaction in Serbia was quite mild. The real questions are whether it will lead to some tensions in the region and in which extent this will boost political strength of Šešelj’s Serbian Radical ...

Rogozin's Visit Sparks Debate

Four day visit of the Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin to Belgrade was marked by sensitive issues such as arms, migrations and NATO, as well as undiplomatic statements. Visits by Russian officials always spark debate, which is expected given the delicate balance of Serbia between EU aspirations and political ties with Russia, but this time it was a bit more ...

Tanjug: Example of Inconsistent Law Implementation

Tanjug, the state-owned news agency in Serbia, is still publishing two months after it should have closed down in line with an EU-backed media reform. According to critics, the case is a blatant example of inconsistent implementation of the law by Belgrade, but also reveals a lack of transparency about the state's influence in national ...

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