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Serbia-Croatia Relations Strained by the Past

Relations between Serbia and Croatia have not been making progress for some time now, rather they are often in crisis, which is also helped by the sharpening rhetoric, especially during election periods, Serbian and Croatian experts agree. They don’t expect any progress in relations between the two countries of key importance to stability in the Western Balkans until both turn to the future and leave the past ...

Some 7,000 Refugees and Migrants Currently Staying in Serbia

After the closing of the Balkan route about a year ago, by which migrants and refugees mainly from the Middle East had arrived in the EU, there are some 7,000 migrants and refugees staying in Serbia at the moment. The countries along the Balkan route in March 2016, one after the other, began introducing stricter conditions for the entry of refugees, thereby practically closing that route for them. According to the Serbian authorities, that ...

Serbian weekly fined for defaming interior minister

Serbian media defended the NIN newspaper after a court ordered the weekly to pay an estimated €2500 in damages to Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic on Wednesday (4 January), for an article about Belgrade’s Savamala ...

Strengthening Police Integrity a Challenge on Serbia’s EU Path

A prominent Serbian NGO claims that the integrity of the police in Serbia has been weakened by the insufficiently active fight against corruption and by politicization. Interior Ministry officials find that remark unfounded and point to upcoming improvements of regulations. Strengthening police integrity is one of the key tasks facing Serbia on the road to the EU, and police reform, according to experts, is the key to the success of Serbia’s ...

EC: Serbia Should Acknowledge the Remit of Independent Bodies

Serbia should in its public administration improve the understanding and respect of the role of independent bodies, including the Ombudsman, while the Serbian Parliament should be more active in overseeing the executive government, the European Commission has said in its annual Progress Report for Serbia en route to the EU. There is some progress in Serbia as far as the actions of the public administration are concerned, but things are ...

Serbia Generally Happy with European Commission Report

The government in Belgrade is mostly satisfied with the European Commission’s annual report on Serbia’s progress in European integration, even though it might not agree with all statements in the report. The report positively assessed the progress Serbia had made on the economic plane and in certain reforms, as well as its role in establishing cooperation in the region and conduct regarding the migrant crisis. However, where the rule of law ...

CAN Europe: Coal Is Not the Future of Serbia and the Balkans

The production of energy from coal is losing importance in the world and European investors are abandoning investment in such projects, as illustrated by the case of a thermal power plant in Montenegro for which the Czech Export Bank has failed to secure funds, said Dragana Mileusnić of the Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe. In an analysis of the steps Serbia needs to take in the fight against climate change, she pointed out that the Western ...

Two Years Without Flat Tax Decisions in Serbia

The entrepreneurs in Serbia paying a flat tax have not been getting their decisions on the tax for two years now, which makes it more difficult for them to do business and exercise their rights, while simultaneously damaging the state budget, the representatives of entrepreneurs and businesspeople warn.There is no official explanation as to why the tax decisions are so late. The Tax Administration has recently begun preparing decisions based ...

Free Legal Aid in Serbia in 2018

Serbia has waited six years for a law on free legal aid, a document that is one of the requirements for its progress in the EU accession negotiations. The law will be adopted by the end 2016, and implemented in 2018, the Justice Ministry told EurActiv ...

Bleak Media Picture in Serbia after Privatization

The privatization of media in Serbia has left the sector looking bleak – many media have been shut down, more than 1,000 journalists and other media professionals have lost their jobs and the survival of many of the privatized media is uncertain. Among the media buyers were their own directors, as well as owners of companies from various fields, including the owner of a car dealership and an office cleaning and maintenance company. During the ...

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