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Report: Local government debt a threat to Serbia’s public finances

If the Serbian government does not take the necessary steps, the debts of local governments, which currently reach 4% of GDP, will sink public finances, the Fiscal Council has warned. EURACTIV.rs reports. Among the bigger cities, Novi Sad has the most stable finances, whereas Kragujevac is on the brink of ...

Serbians concerned about underground economy

The shadow economy limits the state’s ability to provide public services, according to 2/3rds of Serbians surveyed. 8 out of 10 say it inhibits growth. For a country in which undocumented trade accounts for 30% of its GDP, the concern could not be clearer. EURACTIV.rs ...

Another contested demolition in Belgrade’s Savamala district

The Serbian government has come under fire once again after the Nelt Group announced that its facilities in downtown Belgrade had been illegally razed. The construction of the Belgrade Waterfront project, funded by Arab investors, is underway in the Savamala quarter of the capital city. During an April night in 2016, the government demolished a number of privately owned structures it claims were illegally erected to clear the ground for ...

Renewable Energy Sources for a Sustainable Future, Growth and Employment

Representatives of member states of the Energy Community have concurred at the Clean Energy for a Sustainable Future forum that there is no question whether the countries of the Energy Community should choose between clean energy and economic growth, because green development brings bigger growth and higher employment. For the member states, switching to clean energy is a political issue and, although they recognize the problem of climate ...

Berlin Plus: EU signals Western Balkans still a priority

Sigmar Gabriel hopes his new Berlin Plus plan will receive a warm welcome. Intended to dispel fears in the Western Balkans that the Union is preoccupied with domestic crises, Belgrade worries that Berlin Plus is an excuse to leave Serbia in the “EU waiting room”. EURACTIV.rs ...

Vučić inauguration highlights premier vacuum in Serbia

On 31 May, Serbia got a new president: Serbian Progressive Party leader and now ex-Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić. But the public is trying to guess who the new premier will be and whether an early general election will be called. EURACTIV Serbia reports. Observers are giving the best chances to a non-party candidate who would “serve the purpose” until a possible ...

Serbia unnerved by Albanian threat of union with Kosovo

A statement about a potential union between Albania and Kosovo, by Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, has angered officials in Belgrade, who have asked Brussels to take a stand on the issue.Rama told Politico on April 18 that a union shouldn’t be ruled out if there is no chance of the Western Balkans joining the EU. The Albanian premier said that a union with Kosovo was not his personal wish, but “a possible alternative to the EU’s closed ...

Serbia to appoint new premier by June

Serbian President-elect Aleksandar Vučić, who scored a convincing victory in the first round of the election on 2 April, will take his time appointing his successor as prime minister, a position he’s held a firm grip on for three years. According to announcements by Vučić and officials of his Serbian Progressive Party, the country will get a new premier by June, two months after the presidential poll. Off the record, several names are ...

Are Serbians Loosing Faith in the EU Accession?

Support of the Serbian citizens for the EU integrations is falling, and it may be result of the loss of confidence in the real chances of accession, the recent poll by Belgrade Centre for Security Policy (BCSP) ...

Presidential Elections in Serbia on April 2

Serbian presidential elections are called for April 2, the speaker of the Serbian Parliament announced on March 2. As the electoral campaign is officially about to begin, the decisions to put Parliamentary session on hold and give 30 days for electoral campaign provoke general outcry in the ...

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