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Serbia’s civil sector, NGOs demand more rights

NGOs in Serbia have adopted a joint document aimed at preserving the civil society and its freedoms in the EU candidate country, after seeing a growing number of physical assaults on their activists and verbal abuse in pro-government media. The NGO sector also warned that Serbia’s EU accession process was not being used for essential ...

Serbia in the EU in 2025 – mission (im)possible

Serbia’s accession to the EU in 2025 seems unrealistic, given its slow pace of progress, though not entirely impossible, civil society representatives have said but warned that neither Belgrade nor Brussels were trying very ...

Serbs keep protesting, opposition and authorities announce mass rallies

Serbian citizens have been protesting for four months, asking the government to ensure media freedom, crack down on corruption and tackle issues like unemployment, poverty, and the young generation’s brain-drain. The protesters, who have rallied in about 100 cities and towns, are mostly middle-class citizens who, although not existentially threatened, believe they are worse off than they should be, according to a survey conducted by ...

Serbia and Eurasian Union remove last obstacle to free trade deal

Serbia and the members of the Moscow-led Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) have resolved controversial issues related to brandy and cheese quotas, paving the way for signing a comprehensive free trade ...

Serbia ramps up military capabilities, but affirms it sticks to neutrality

Continuing recent efforts to improve its armed forces, Serbia took over four more MiG-29 aircraft from Belarus. The country wants to join the European Union but not NATO, and is seeking good ties with both Moscow and Washington. The aircraft will be transferred to Serbia after the completion of the overhaul that began on 22 February, Serbia’s defence ministry ...

 Serbia foreign minister: We want border demarcation with Kosovo

Serbia’s official position in the dialogue with Kosovo is to go for a border demarcation along ethnic lines between Belgrade and its former province, Foreign Minister Ivica Dačić has said without elaborating further. Dačić’s statement was met with protests in both Belgrade and ...

Serbia snags piece of Turkish Stream pipeline pie

Serbia has been given the go-ahead to build a section of the Turkish Stream pipeline from the Bulgarian to the Hungarian border, so long as not only Russian gas is transmitted through the pipeline. While officials insist that construction will begin soon, Gas Association representatives are not too optimistic that it will actually happen, at least in the short term, as “the Americans will not allow ...

European elections also important for countries striving to join EU

Although Serbian citizens will not vote in the European Parliament election in May, its outcome is certainly of interest to them because it will affect the future course and pace of the EU candidate country’s negotiations with ...

Worrisome Rise in Pressure on Journalists in Serbia

Over the past year 102 cases of pressure and attacks on journalists and other media professionals have been documented in Serbia, and what is particularly worrisome is the upward trend in the number of such cases. According to an analysis conducted by the Independent Journalists' Association of Serbia (IJAS), in 2018 journalists were physically assaulted seven times, there were 72 cases of pressure and 23 verbal ...

Kosovo to keep tariffs until Serbia grants recognition, insists PM

Kosovo’s prime minister refuses to lift tariffs on imports from Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia, despite external and internal pressure to back down. Ramush Haradinaj continues to stand firm – not even the latest in a line of senior world officials, US Ambassador to Priština Philip S. Kosnett, has managed to convince him to lift tariffs on imports from its two Balkan ...

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